To ensure a safer and pleasant experience for all participants, CEC will be implementing COVID-19 policies during Cross Egypt Challenge 2021:


1. The orientation meetings on the first day of CEC are cancelled and will be held online via Zoom on Saturday, September 25th, 2021. All participants should attend the online meeting to meet the other team members, the crew, and know everything related to their CEC experience.


2. All CEC agreements, including vehicle rental agreements and photo release will be sent to all participants electronically prior to the challenge. They will be requested to review them, and sign them online.


3. Cross World Challenges istransforming all its paper work into digital format, therefore all event related materials and e-guides will be sent to the participants digitally by email prior to the online orientation meeting. Participants will need to save a copy on their smart phone, or hand-held device to access during the challenge.


4. Cross world Challenges encourages all participants to receive their COVID-19 vaccination prior to traveling to Egypt and taking part in CEC. We are doing every effort to vaccinate our entire team so we have a much safer environment during CEC.


5. For those traveling internationally, traveling to Egypt requires you to perform a PCR test before your arrival. In addition to that, Cross world Challenges will perform a rapid PCR test for all participants and crew members on the first day of the challenge (orientation day). In the case a particpants test results are positive, they unfortunately won’t be able to take part in CEC 2021, and must arrange for a quarantine option at their own expense.


6. For those participants staying in double or triple sharing rooms, Cross World Challenges encourages them to upgrade to single room to avoid much contact with other individuals during the challenge. Upgrade prices are listed on our website under the FEES section.


7. All CEC lunches will consist of packed food items and/or fruits, no loose food will be served.


8. All participants and team members are strictly required to wear masks during morning briefs, lunch stops, fuel stops, hotel check-ins, hotel check-outs or during any gathering with other riders without any exceptions.


9. Cross World Challenges will ask hotels to provide breakfasts and dinners in an open-air setting to avoid poor ventilation inside restaurants. In the case a hotel cannot facilitate this, please pick up your dinner and eat outside in a terrace or a garden if available.


10. All pre and post challenge optional tours have been cancelled for 2021, Cross World Challenges will only run optional tours in some destinations during CEC.


11. During morning briefs, lunch stops, and fuel stops, participants must maintain a safe distance of not less than 6 feet (2 meters) with other individuals.


12. Participants must always remember to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, or with a hand sanitizer.


12. Even if a participant is fully vaccinated, the above policies are mandatory to follow. Failure to follow any or all of the above, will unfortunately force us to immediately terminate the participant's participation in CEC 2021.


Your safety and the safety of all other participants is our top priority at these difficult times. We appreciate your understanding!